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It's no secret that weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight  are important; reasons for losing these unwanted pounds can vary from person to person, we want to support your weight loss goal of overall health!

  • Our products are made in the USA!
  • Our products are manufactured in an FDA approved and cGMP facility. 
  • Our products are made with 100% all natural ingredients. 

All natural, USA manufactured

July 2-Pack Specials

Asset Excel

Asset BOLD II 

About Asset Edge: It's common knowledge that people seeking help with weight loss frequently turn to stimulants, which may help increase calorie burn and give you the energy to exercise, which can accelerate your progress. In fact, stimulants are the only over-the-counter substances that have been shown to have any significant effect on weight loss at all.

Excel's powerful combination focuses on balancing the entire body system while adding benefits of antioxidant protection and wide range of other health benefits. 

Asset BOLD II is an alternative weight loss supplement formulated with clinically proven ingredients used to reach optimal weight loss. Made entirely of all natural ingredients, this unique blend safely and effectively helps the weight loss process.